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ChangeLog: SgpDec 0.6.27

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Today the new skeleton code using the new functionality of Citrus got integrated into SgpDec. This is a milestone, the code size is halved and the memory consumption is greatly improved. This means that bigger semigroups can be decomposed. However, this version is not released yet, there are rough edges (splashing is broken for skeletons and holonomy decompositions). The progress is rapid now and this indicates what can be expected in the 0.7 release, once GAP 4.5.x is out.

If you use the subversion code and happened to update to the latest maybe you want to revert back to revision 1860.

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AMS Notices article on computational mathematics

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

There is anĀ  article in the 2012 February issue of the AMS Notices on computational mathematics. The author is one of the lead developers of the Axiom computer algebra system. The idea of ‘literate programming’ is promoted here after identifying the main problems with computational mathematics. It is probably a matter of discussion whether it is really a new science or not, but we probably all agree that there are urgent problems to be tackled.


February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Computational semigroup theory is a growing field within computer algebra and a lot is happening there at the moment (many software packages are on the brink of a new release). But the progress is done almost without any publicity. Therefore the aim of this site is to collect up-to-date information regarding new results, new releases of software packages. Also, interviews with mathematicians using the computer in their work and with developers (yes, most of the time the same person) will be posted here, so you can see the faces and learn something about their personalities. Thus next time at a conference you will have no trouble finding the person you want to talk to.

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